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Essex Group of Clubs called the Shi Gakko Shuudan

Kent Club called the Ryo Shin Kan

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Dojo Rules and Etiquette

  • It is traditional for the teacher/instructor to be addressed as Sensei.
  • It is traditional to bow before entering and when leaving the dojo (the bow acts as a reminder that the dojo is a place of hard work and where normal behaviour is left behind).
  • Permission is required to leave the dojo.
  • Permission is required before entering the class if training is in progress. The signal to the instructor that you wish to join the class is to sit Japanese style (knees forward, sitting on feet). A bow is acknowledgment that you have received the instructor's permission.
  • It is traditional for students and the sensei to bow to each other before and after training.
  • It is traditional to bow to each other before and after training with other people ( the bow is to show respect for each other and to show your intent is honourable).
  • Behaviour should be orderly at all times.
  • No singing or whistling
  • Keep talking to minimum whilst training.
  • No food or drink to be consumed in the dojo.
  • Alcohol must not be consumed before training.

  • Dress Code and Personal Presentation
  • Gi's should be clean and pressed.
  • No jewellery.
  • Long hair to be tied back.

  • Personal Hygiene
  • General hygiene to be obeyed i.e. clean hands and feet etc.
  • Nails must be kept short.