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Essex Group of Clubs called the Shi Gakko Shuudan

Kent Club called the Ryo Shin Kan

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0800 1111
If you need some advice or just want to talk. Calls are free and confidential.
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The products ordered from the Shi Gakko Shop are usually in stock and ready to be delivered.

You do not have to be a member of the Shi Gakko Shuudan clubs to place an order.

You may order by email, phone or at any of the Shi Gakkou Shuudan clubs. You can place your order by Email using the form provided, just click here for order form. If you do not wish to use the form, then email including your name, address, telephone number, quantity and reference code. Either way, you will be contacted to acknowledge receipt of your order and to confirm price, delivery arrangments and payment arrangments. Goods delivered to students attending the Shi Gakkou Shuudan clubs will not be be subject to delivery charges, although a delivery charge may be made, where goods are delivered to an address other than the club. You can also phone 07931 100054 to place your order.

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